Natural Pacifica
At Natural Pacifica we are reinventing the way people think about beauty. 
We all know that natural products are good for you and for your skin.  But most natural products may not actually make any positive improvement.    We seek out those very rare products that are natural and also scientifically proven to work.  In some cases the ingredients are extremely expensive, like Bee Venom, one of natures most expensive ingredients.   Bee venom may be hugely expensive but we know it works and there are very few cosmetic ingredients that have passed the rigorous scientific that bee venom has.  
But we also know that it's easy to simply add an ingredient.  It's not just a matter of what is added, but how much and what quality is used.  In the case of our Venôm facial cream we us 100 ppm pure New Zealand Bee Venom.  This is supplied to us by with a certificate of authentication and stored with great care considering a tiny container is worth thousands of dollars. 

The Natural Pacifica way is  to let nature do its thing. We search the world to find rare and exotic ingredients and buy them in enough bulk to provide these treatment to everyone, not just the elite.

We'd be lying if we said this doesn't have its down side. Because the products we use at Natural Pacifica are so rare and expensive we are only able to produce very limited batches and supply varies.  These are truly limited edition beauty products.
This is ok with us, as it gives our lovely customers access to beauty products they otherwise would never get access to. 
We also use helpful ingredients like Retinol, and Hyaluronic Acid, but can tell you that these are very inexpensive additives.  They both produce pleasing short-term moisturising effects, which is why we use them, but nothing like the beauty boosting effect of an active ingredient like bee venom.

Shop the limited Venôm cream now, and you'll see how the Natural Pacifica approach works.  You will soon want to throw out everything else and just use Venom.