Harvesting Manuka Honey New Zealand.  Lab tested health benefits

What is the magic behind Manuka Honey?

We've all heard about Manuka Honey, right?  But what exactly is it?  This is no ordinary honey. 

For a start it's only available from hives located in New Zealand, mainly in stunningly beautiful remote areas.  New Zealand is a unique place, with unique plants and animals that have evolved in isolation from the rest of the world.  Manuka is one of these plants.  Used by the indigenous Maori population for centuries, the honey from the Manuka tree, is reputed to have almost magical healing properties. 

These days, with the benefit of modern science we can conduct lab tests that show true results for a variety of conditions.   The testing on Manuka Honey by medical labs across the world show that the Maori were indeed right.  This honey has a broad range of measurable health benefits. 

Many natural products claim all sorts of effects, but this one is proven time and time again to actually work.  There is a downside, of course.  Real Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand, and laboratory tested for efficacy, is expensive.  It's really expensive.  We only use pure Manuka Honey with efficacy measured at 250 MGO, the ideal concentration for skin treatment.  We are proud of our insistence to only use the best, natural ingredients and only ones that can be tested in the lab.  Why would anyone say something is good for your skin when you can't back it up with independent laboratory research?  

Manuka Honey is one of the three powerful ingredients in Venom, our anti-aging facial cream. The other two are Pure New Zealand Bee Venom and Pure Tamanu Nut Oil, ingredients only found in New Zealand and the South Pacific.   So why not treat yourself to the finest, most luxurious, effective facial and anti-aging cream that we could make.  Buy Venom here. 

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