How exactly do you harvest bee Venom?

How exactly do you harvest bee Venom?

Ok, you can relax.  No bees are harmed in the harvesting of bee venom.  At Natural Pacifica we only use 100% certified New Zealand Bee Venom and we always get it from the same source.  It is so important to get the real deal, and get the laboratory authenticity certificate. 

Otherwise we may not be buying the genuine article and at $170,000 per kilo, you really need to get this right.  Plus, these products really do work, but only if you have the real ingredients and in the right quantity. 

Sure you can buy Bee Venom from sources in Asia, but our New Zealand source is the only we we can rely on.  Our Bee Venom is harvested by our friends at ApiHealth, who have patented bee friendly venom collection methods.   

ApiHealth is run by Tatiana Nikolaeva (PhD) who, with her husband Nikolai (you guessed it - he also has a PhD) patented the method and subsequently became one of the world's most prestigious suppliers of genuine, certified Bee Venom. 

When we receive the Bee Venom, which is much more expensive than gold, we get a certificate of authenticity.  In return we provide a written assurance that we will not 'cut' the bee venom with inferior grades from other suppliers.   

So how does this work? When the bees arrive back to the hive after doing their days business, they land on a glass plate that has a tiny electrical charge.  This charge makes them 'discharge' some of their venom.  Within a very short time they regenerate the lost venom.  The plates are removed from the hive and the venom powder carefully extracted in the lab.  Carefully is the operative word, because this stuff is one of the world's most expensive natural ingredients.  

Bee Venom is the subject of a huge amount of research, especially around it's healing and rejuvenating capabilities.  So yes, we could put some obscure marine sludge into a facial cream and say 'this works', but the issue is that it's not proven.  Bee venom is proven, in scientific testing in labs all over the world.  

We created Venom with one simple intention in mind - 'to formulate the best anti-aging cream ever made' and do it at a much lower price than such products as La Mer.  So why not try this for yourself?

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